. . . An unexpected journey

The foundation for Quanics, Inc. was laid when Bob Zabel insisted I install an effluent filter in the septic tank of the new home built for my family 29 years ago. I did not know that installing a filter on that cold November day would lead to my buying Zabel Industries.

From 1990 to 2006, I led Zabel Environmental Technology to create the multi-million dollar effluent filter market, added over 500 parts to the Everything Onsite catalog, created the industry leading ZabelZone magazine, and served as the founding president (1991-1994) of the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA).

In 2004, Quanics was born to develop new advanced wastewater treatment technology.  Quanics developed the AeroCell® and BioCoir® packed bed media systems for secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, a new proprietary line of onsite products such as distribution valve packages, grommets, orifice shields, and pressure filters, as well as added the complete line of SJE Rhombus alarms and controls, and Pentair, Sta-rite, and Myers pumps.

In 2006, I sold the Zabel® brand, patents and tools for effluent filters to industry leader Polylok® in order to allow Quanics to concentrate fully on new technology solutions to onsite wastewater problems.

Over the past fifteen years Quanics sold advanced wastewater treatment systems from Australia to Newfoundland, Alaska to Trinidad, and many of the lower 48 states from single family to 200,000 gallons per day. In addition, Quanics entered into an international technology agreement based on the BioCoir® media with Tricel Industrial Group headquartered in Ireland. 

New Quanics products are being developed. An updated website and on-line store has been created. Our advanced treatment systems are now NSF certified for installation in Infiltrator’s IM-Series Septic Tanks. Plus our prices are now more competitive than ever.

It has been quite an adventure since installing that first filter with Bob Zabel in 1989. 

Best Regards,

Harry M DeNoers, CEO


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