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encana case study

Statistics Infl. BOD5 Infl. TSS Effl. BOD5 Effl. TSS
mean 305.83 267.90 21.85 9.66
median 270 200 21 8
std deviati 150.22 203.84 8.52 6.55
Sampled 07/22/09 - 10/24/12 Total number of samples = 133

mawss case study
Statistics Flow (gpd) infl. TKN Effl. BOD5 Effl. TSS Effl. TKN Effl. fecal coliform
mean 23,488 57.73 5.83 4.15 6.49 312.86
median 25,442 58.9 4 3 5 41.5
std deviati 9.102 10.95 5.70 3.28 7.00 613.43
Sampled 01/06/10 - 11/07/12 Total number of samples = 149
Complete analysis available upon request.


> Independent Field Verification

Quanics recently received independent Third Party field verification of two large scale AeroCell open cell foam wastewater treatment systems. Both systems were independently sampled weekly for a period of three years. The results show both systems consistently met and/or exceeed their effluent performance requirements. The results also demonstrate and validate the established loading rate to effluent requirement tables as outlined in Quanics' design manual. Both systems were operated continuously during the sampling period and both were at or above 85% of their design flow during the testing.



"We installed a 30,000 gallon per day system to treat residential waste three years ago. It replaced a sand filter system that was failing to meet our discharge parameters. The Quanics system has performed as designed with the discharge parameters being well within our permitted levels as follows.

BOD 30 mg/L - TSS 30 mg/L - TKN 20 mg/L

The system requires very little maintenance and electricity to operate. Our yearly operation and maintenance cost is around $8,500 per year."

Jeremy Stewart
Operations and Maintanence Manger
Mobile Area Water and Sewer Service

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