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The treated effluent being pumped from the dispersal tank arrives at the drip management system. Then onto a distribution valve (if multiple zones are required). Effluent is then onto the drip irrigation tubing for dispersal into the soil.

Dual Drip Feild


Once again Quanics offers several methods of dispersal. Drip Irrigation is fast becoming the method of choice for developers and regulators across the country. Requiring shallow burial depths and its ability to be used in very poor rocky soils lends itself to land preservation and easy installation. Another benefit is its irrigating properties which is ideal for developments, commercial applications and golf courses.

LPP or (Low Pressure Pipe) ATS systems are another option when choosing a treatment system.

Dispersal mounds are our final method of dispersing effluent into the land. Quanics has many different packages to choose from.

Custom sizes or configurations of all our dispersal systems are available.

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