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Effluent enters via the inlet piping and then proceeds to the spray nozzles at the top of the tank. These spray nozzles evenly distribute the effluent onto the treatment media. As the effluent passes through the media the particles within it stay behind and the liquid gravity flows to the bottom of the tank where it then reaches the outlet piping. At this point the effluent is very clean.

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An appropriately sized ATS tank is typically equal in size to the daily flow. Check local regulations for proper sizing.

Quanics has two treatment media's from which to select from in our ATS tanks. AeroCell is a patented open cell foam media. Bio-COIR is a patented natural recycled media that is proving to be very resilient to deterioration in the septic environment.

Through third party and NSF testing we are pleased to have two of the best treatment media's available anywhere.

We also have other ATS options available.

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